What Are The Best Light Aircraft For First-time Plane Owners?

Buying your first ever aircraft is a monumental moment. It is something that gives you a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. After all, not everyone considers a plane a necessary thing to buy, and not everyone can afford it. But before you go flying, you have to know your options. Choosing an aircraft depends on your needs and your budget.  

Most people don’t even know that you can buy an airplane for a price less than that of your car. Starting at $15,000, you can have one of the older models. But make no mistake, they can still conquer the skies if they have been properly maintained. We have here a list of the best starter airplanes available in the market. Take a look!  

Cessna 150/152  

Are you looking for an iconic aircraft? Cessna 150/152 models are your best bet. These are some of the most popular general aviation planes ever built. They are 2-seater aircraft which are inexpensive to maintain, perfect for training and personal use. They can go up to 100 knots and have a range of 350 nautical miles. The Cessna units are also very fuel-efficient, traveling at 16 miles per gallon. You can buy one for $15,000 to $40,000. 

Piper Cherokee 140/160   

Piper Cherokee 140/160 are classic airplanes with lots of history. These aircraft have four seats and can go slightly faster than the Cessna at around 110 knots. They also have a further range, reaching up to 500 nautical miles in one full tank. The Cherokee is designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use. They are still relatively inexpensive, coming in at $25,000 to $50,000.  

Beechcraft Bonanza  

This 4-seater, V-tailed aircraft goes way back to 1947. With around 17,000 units built, this one has quite a reputation. It does about 155 knots for 400 nautical miles in a full tank. It’s more spacious, and it has a baggage compartment. The Bonanza clocks in at $30,000 to $50,000. 

Piper Aztec  

Dubbed as the Piper “Aztruck,” this aircraft is capable of loading six people and their baggage in a full tank and still not exceed the maximum allowable takeoff weight. It reaches a maximum speed of 187 knots, and 155 knots while cruising. This plane is known for being easy to handle and forgiving. The Aztecs are quite more pricey, ranging from $70,000 to $96,000.   

Stearman Model 75 Kaydet 

For those seeking an open-cockpit experience while flying, this one’s for you. These two-seater aircraft have served since World War II, trained new pilots, carried wing-walkers, and starred in movies. This plane is more challenging to fly, but if you want the genuine stick-and-rudder controls and vibe of aviation’s formative years, this one is a gem. You can acquire one for $60,000 to $180,000.  

Piper Comanche 260  

A four-seater, low-winged airplane which is said to be Piper’s first modern aircraft. The Comanche is known for its topnotch performance and comfort. This plane is equipped with a 260-hp engine that could take you to speeds of 169 knots. Its 60-gallon tank could fly you for 550 nautical miles. Although, parts may be difficult to find compared to other Piper planes. Online prices range from $52,000 to $76,000. 

Cirrus SR-20  

This one is a more modern and expensive aircraft, but it definitely worth your money. The SR20 was designed for comfort, speed, and safety. It is equipped with a parachute that the pilot can deploy in case of a loss of control, and the plane will be safely lowered to the ground. It has a top speed of 155 knots, and it could fly for 625 nautical miles. This high-performance plane costs at least $95,000 and higher for newer models. 

Now that you know some of the best starter aircraft out there, take a pick, and enjoy flying!